Pastor Eric Holston

Eric Holston
Eric HolstonPastor

Pastor Eric Holston was born in Huntsville, Alabama on September 11th, 1975. He was raised in the church and deeply rooted in the foundation of Jesus Christ as a youth. As some of us often experience while going through life, he strayed from the foundation he was brought up on. It was not until 2004 when Pastor Eric was called to ministry with one distinct purpose in mind, “see a need, meet a need.” There is no greater need that people will ever have than to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Understanding that need, he has dedicated his life to serving the will of God. Since being called to ministry, Pastor Eric continues to meet the needs of others by using his God-given talents and abilities.

Pastor Eric initially served on the ministerial team at Sacred Place Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia and received his ordination in 2009 at Redemptive Life Baptist Church in Snellville, Georgia. He then went on to Co-Pastor at Abiding Community Church in Snellville, Georgia before being called to serve at Hope Express. Pastor Eric has also been involved with leading “Warfare Through Prayer”, a prayer line ministry, faithfully every Thursday evening for the past six years. No matter the capacity in which he serves, he always feels blessed in knowing he has done the Lord’s bidding. Truthfully, it’s only when he serves that he feels as though he is living on purpose.

Pastor Eric is continually inspired to be a better husband and Father due to the loving support of his wife Ayana and his two children Kaiya and Isaiah. With the guidance of God and with the unconditional love of his family, he is always encouraged to run this race with endurance knowing that our Holy God is faithful to complete the good work he has begun in him.