Our Leaders

Pastor Alfred

Senior Pastor


Pastor Alfred is a native Georgian with over 25 years of ministry service and leadership. He was educated at Fort Valley State University, Howard University School of Divinity, and the United Theological Seminary, ultimately receiving a Doctor of Ministry Degree. Prior to returning to Atlanta, he served in ministry under the leadership of Archbishop Alfred A. Owens, where he co-chaired the 120-member Ministerial Alliance.  He and his wife are the founders of Hope XPress Community Church. He has a passion for assisting youth, single moms, and the elderly in leading productive lives. He has mentored youth across the United States and internationally in places such as Kumasi Ghana West Africa. He believes we are blessed in proportion to how we serve. Professionally, Dr. Holston currently serves as Vice President for Human Resource Consulting for a nationwide consulting company. He retired from the federal government after serving in the Senior Executive Service (SES) at two major Government Cabinets. Pastor Alfred and Pastor Jo Ann have been married for 47+ years and are the proud parents of three sons and six (6) grandchildren.

Pastor Jo Ann


Pastor Jo Ann is also a native Georgia. She has worked ministry for over 30 years. She was educated at Fort Valley State University and Howard University School of Divinity. Her vision led to the founding of Hope XPress, Inc. which is a non-profit organization and fore-runner of our church ministry. For over 16 years, she has lead the effort to provide mentoring, scholarships, workshops and book bags and school supplies to needy youth throughout rural towns in Georgia. She has served on the Board of the Downtown Cluster of Congregation which planned and collaborated to meet the needs of homeless and at-risk citizens throughout Washington, D.C. She also served on the Board of Directors at Calvary Health Care, which provided certified clinical and rehabilitative services to citizens in various areas of need, such as alcohol and substance abuse and HIVAIDS.

She and Pastor Alfred founded Hope Xpress Community Church, Inc. to spread the message of the Hope in Jesus Christ to Atlanta communities and the world through encounters that meet spiritual and physical needs.

After over 30 years of public service in the federal government, Pastor Jo Ann transitioned to full-time ministry and non-profit service to expand the influence and outreach of Hope Xpress Community Church and Hope Xpress, Inc. One of Pastor Jo Ann’s great passions is serving those in need such as the homeless and others on the margins of society. She believes we are blessed to serve and that giving is the essence of living.